Aairport Festival is the first pure large scale electronic festival in Denmark. Aairport Festival has been underway for almost 2 years, and is the brainchild of Kresten Thomsen, former CEO of Aalborg Karneval. The ambition is to create a festival, that compares to nothing we have ever seen in Scandinavia in terms of sound, music, lights, show, effects, artistic innovation, storytelling and thematization, to create an unique, extraordinary and overwhelming experience.

Aairport Festival invites everyone who loves EDM to join Aairport Festival and travel with us to new destinations and get experiences of a lifetime. We will travel through electronic dance genres such as house (and it’s various subgenres), trance, trap & the harder styles of dance music. Together we can develop the music scene in Scandinavia for electronic music.

We keep the prices reasonable and our lineup open to upcoming talents. Our ambition is to grow Aairport Festival over the next few years to include more stages, new destinations, new music styles and to continue to give our fellow travellers a reason to stay and a reason to come back. We welcome new ideas, new partnerships and new artist.

Aairport Festival support the local community and collaborate broadly with different cultural leaders and projects, to support the local culture life.