Exit = No re-entry

We have a no re-entry policy. If you leave the festival area, you can not come in again.

Re-entry is only possible if you purchase a new ticket, and not after 01:00.

Doors Close at 01:00

Make sure you arrive on time. Doors are open until 01:00. You can not enter the festival area after this time.


Indoor smoking is STRICTLY forbidden at the venue. Violations will result in a permanent ban and a potential fine of 10.000 Kr,- if emergency crews are being contacted.

If you want to smoke please follow the indoor signs to the designated smoking areas. You can also find these in our APP (see link below).

Vaping and EPOK are allowed indoor.

What you can’t bring

You are NOT allowed to bring food, drinks, nitrous oxide/N2O, fluids, drugs, weapons and things that can be considered as weapons. Drugs and weapons will result in a criminal charge and a permanent ban from the venue


We have a Zero tolerance for drugs policy. Violations will result in criminal charges and permanent ban from the venue.


Bringing medication is ONLY permitted in combination with an official doctor’s note.



You can also take regular routes; 2 & 22N for free to Gigantium if you show the image.


The wardrobe is in the basement. Follow the signs when you enter the festival area.


Merchandise can be bought by clicking here.

There will be a merchandise stand at the festival area where you can buy Aairport Festival Merchandise.


There is free parking around Gigantium until there is no more space.

Payment / Cashless

All payment is cashless. You can use all standard danish and international cards.

You can pay cash at the entrance and you can exchange cash for credit cards in the terminal, where you arrive. Look for EXCHANGE in the Terminal. The location can be found on our APP as well.

Drink Responsibly

We all love a great party. However, we advise to drink responsibly and take care of each other.

Ticket support

Contact Billetlugen

Ticket support can also be found at the Economy/Economy Plus Entrance

General support

For other inquiries please write to us on or send us a message on Facebook.

Protect your ears!

Your hearing is a vital sense, so make sure you protect your ears! We sell earplugs at the merchandise stand.


You can download our APP on

– View timetable, find your friends, watch a 3D map of the festival area, chat and connect with others and much much more.

Camera & video

No professional cameras or digital video cameras are allowed unless you have press access (this includes things like Go Pro & DJI). Mobile phone cameras are of course allowed.


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