We have gathered all our press materials below.




You are free to use all the attached photos in news articles and other press-related matters. For matters that include sales or partnerships, our photos can only be used with permission or a partnership agreement. If you need to edit the photos for social media etc. it is permitted as long as our watermark is still present on the photo.




As with our photos, you are free to use our logo in press-related matters. ALL other matters need to be accepted by us before use.

“Aairport Festival” is a registered trademark and cannot be used without written consent from Aairport Festival management.
Violation of our trademark rights will be changed with DKK 10.000 per day until the violation ends.




If you need some text about our festival and our events feel free to use our text.

Feel free to add minor changes in language etc. Bigger changes to the text need to be accepted by the Aairport Festival management.

You are free to use and share our YouTube videos however you like. You are NOT permitted to rip the videos and upload them yourself. If you would like some of our video material please write us an e-mail explaining why and where you would like to use our content.



To cover our event as a journalist or photographer, it requires accreditation. The accreditation provides access to areas for journalists and photographers. If you are not accredited, you will not have access to these areas.

To receive press accreditation, you must be affiliated with a media or editorial board.

The application has to be sent to

When applying, the following must be stated:

Name of media
Name of applicant(s)
E-mail and mobile phone number on the applicant(s)